SacBee Rewards
The BeeBuzzPoints team has been listening to your comments

and has upgraded the BeeBuzzPoints program to include
more of what you've been asking for.

What does the new loyalty program mean for you?

• It's even easier for you to earn your rewards.
• There are more local prizes and they will be easier to win.
• It's easier for our subscribers to enjoy their membership more than ever.

What will the BeeBuzzPoints program become?
The new program will be called SacBee Rewards. We've worked to improve the platform and continue to tweak and perfect the program.

SacBee Rewards

When will these improvements be rolled out?
The new SacBee Rewards is up and running right now!

Will I get to keep my BeeBuzzPoints?
Yes! Your BeeBuzzPoints earned through the end of November will be converted and copied to the new SacBee Rewards and be waiting for you to use in the new SacBee Rewards program.

What's more, your existing BeeBuzzPoints will remain in the BeeBuzzPoints system. You'll be able to participate in remaining local and national contests on BeeBuzzPoints through the end of the year.

And more good news - your points will be more valuable than ever. In the new program, your points will buy more. What that means is, points will be about five times more valuable - so, while you will see fewer points (which means fewer zeros to keep track of), you will need only about one-fifth of the points that used to be required to enter and win.

As an example, the typical 2,500 BeeBuzzPoints movie screening offer will now only require 500 points!

Will you offer the same prizes?
The Rewards prizes will be more focused on the needs and wants of our members. A lot of changes will be in the non-movie and event category, and our SacBee Rewards prize closet is full of great rewards including gift cards for Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, the Sacramento Kings Team Store, Paragary Restaurant Group and more!

In addition, every prize will be a LOCAL prize (currently, some of our larger prizes come from a national prize pool). That means your chances of winning a gift cards and other great prizes are better than ever. Plus, all your favorite movie screenings and local adventures will remain exactly the same!

Will my-log in change?
Your log-in will be simplified as well. As a loyal Sacramento Bee digital subscriber, once you've activated your digital account, you'll only need one sign-on for SacBee digital and your new SacBee Rewards program. That's one less password to remember - who doesn't love that!

What can I do to help?
Thanks for asking. The help ease the transition, please make sure that you have activated your SacBee digital account. To do that, click on the button below.

Also, you'll want to make sure that your email address for your current BeeBuzzPoints account is the same as the one you used for your Bee subscription. (To check or change your BeeBuzzPoints email, please click below):
My Account

Who do I contact for technical support?
Our continuing goal is to provide superior customer service. We have increased our SacBee Rewards customer service team to have even more staff available to solve your technical and prize-related questions. Support for SacBee Rewards will be through the Sacramento Customer Service line at 800-284-3233, or by emailing

Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for being a valued member of BeeBuzzPoints and of our new, exciting SacBee Rewards program!

SacBee Rewards

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